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hotel accesible en buenos airesThe owner Miss. Celeste Benedicto has a degree in Occupational Therapy as well as Business Administration and has dedicated her efforts to find a solution to a very common problem that is the equal access and utilization of the public and private spaces for everybody.

Therefore, Imagine Hotel Boutique has participated in the implementation of the Accessibility Guidelines programme, under the Argentine Tourism Quality System (SACT), obtaining the Accessibility Certification.

Accessibility Guidelines are voluntary, with the purpose of including every person, promoting their satisfaction, making physical interventions to adapt all common spaces so that they do not represent architectural barriers for people with disability and / or reduced mobility. 

On the other hand, promote awareness and staff training about how to take care and treat people with disabilities, in order to provide quality service to all users.



hotel accesible en buenos aires

Access and common areas

- Entry-level sidewalk ramp.

- Gateway of 1.20 m free passage width.

- Outdoor ring bell at 1.20 m height.

- Access to the reception via ramp.

- Counter height 0.70 m free on the support surface

- Access to the rooms by ramps.

- Material written in braille.

- Lounge and breakfast: Access and accessible circulation.        hotel accesible en buenos aires

- Tables at 0.85m height, free space under the supporting surface 0.70m.

- Deck in the garden at ground level, 100% accessibe.

- Public toilet for the disabled people









hotel accesible en buenos airesRooms

- All rooms in ground floor

- Beds 0.50 high, accessible from both sides.

- Double entry door leaf width of 1.20 m.

- Income ramps or at ground level.

- Minimum width of 0.90 m circulation.

- Material written in braille (Posters of the room, minibar menu, evacuation plan, etc)

- We provide a cellphone number to communicate via text message to dumb people.





Toiletshotel accesible en buenos aires

 - Sliding door step width of 0.85 m

- Non-slip floor.

- Circulation space within 1.50 m radius.

- Toilet´s height of 0.50m, 0.85m clearance on one side for transfer from wheelchair.

- Suspended lavatory and flush mounted.

- Mirror used standing or sitting.

- Ring up to the height of 0.50m.       


hotel accesible en buenos aires

 - Hair Dryer placed 1.10 m high.

  - Wall hangers to 1.20 m in height.

  - Shower and hand shower.

  - Access to shower without zocalo. Non-slip floor

  - Barrals support in the shower area.

  - Shampoo, liquid soap and conditioner dispensers placed 1.20 m height.

  - Shower chair (on request).


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